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VNT Benefits

Higher Power
At nominal to high engine speeds the VNT™ and AVNT™ models deliver a reduced engine outlet pressure for a given boost pressure, resulting in higher power.
Higher Torque and Improved Transient Response
At low engine speeds, Garrett® VNT™ and AVNT™ models accelerate the turbocharger more quickly and provide an increase in engine boost pressure when compared to a conventional turbocharger. This allows more fuel injection and more torque to be generated.
Lower Fuel Consumption and Emissions
A lower engine outlet pressure directly reduces fuel consumption by reducing engine pumping losses. Optimized boost pressure control by the engine management system further improves fuel economy and reduces emissions throughout the operating range of the engine. Particularly for commercial vehicles, the AVNT™ can be used to drive EGR through engine delta P control. The AVNT™ can also be instrumental in controlling various other parameters to optimize exhaust gas properties for after-treatment efficiency and controlling regeneration events.
Improved Braking Power

Closing the vanes increases engine outlet pressure and supercharges the engine intake to significantly improve braking power for all types of engine brakes.

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