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Turbocharger Benefits

Ever more stringent emissions regulations across the world are challenging automotive manufacturers to create engines that meet the needs of the environment whilst still satisfying the demands of consumers for vehicles that are fun to drive.

Honeywell Turbo Technologies is working closely with its customers on partnership programs that focus on engine downsizing, emissions control and fuel economy – but not at the expense of driveability.

These goals are complementary and bring together the performance qualities to make an automobile safe, clean and fun to drive. Honeywell turbochargers deliver significant benefits to end users:

Safer: A turbocharged engine can generate as much as 7 times more power than a naturally aspirated (non-turbocharged) engine of equivalent displacement. For example, Formula 1 1.5L turbocharged engines produced more than 1000HP. In more standard applications, it is realistic to double the power of a given engine through turbocharging, making vehicles more responsive and safer to drive. Turbochargers also prevent the loss of power at high altitudes, thus providing significant advantages to turbocharged trucks and off-road machinery.

More economical: Turbochargers harness and recycle the energy produced by automobile engines, transforming more of the fuel energy consumed into power by creating less parasitic heat and friction. As a result, turbocharged engines deliver significant fuel cost advantages over their naturally-aspirated counterparts.

Greener: Because a turbocharger delivers more air to the engine, fuel combustion is easier, more thorough and therefore cleaner. Today’s turbocharged diesel engines produce 50% less NOx and CO2 emissions than conventional engines.

More Fun: Turbochargers deliver greater torque which, in turn, translates into improved performance on the road and make driving a real pleasure.

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