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Turbocharger Trouble Analysis

Oil Contamination

Lack of Lubricant

Exceptional Operating Conditions

Foreign Object Damage (F.O.D)


Turbocharger Trouble Analysis

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Before blaming the turbo… it is a fact that most turbo failures are cause by problems outside the turbocharger! If the turbo is damaged, it is most important to find the reason why, before fitting another turbo. Use the following guide to help you find the cause of damage:

1. Oil Contamination

Fine Particle Contamination

May not be noticed in oil visually, but causes polishing of the bearing surface and telltale rounding of the outer edges. Often the compressor end bearing may be worn to a taper on the outside diameter.

Large Particle Contamination

Oil borne large particles may cause impact damage and deep scoring. The bearing may also be scored, usually to a lesser extent. The shaft and center housing are usually damaged slightly less, being harder materials. The light scoring was caused by large oil borne contaminants.

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