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Newage PRM Marine Transmission

Efficiency Reliability and Performance

PRM marine transmissions have established a world-wide reputation for quality, reliability and in-service performance, making them the ideal choice for pleasure, workboat and fishing vessel applications.

All PRM hydraulically operated gearboxes feature a twin countershaft design, which enables full rated power to be transmitted in ahead or astern, with either left or right hand propellers.

PRM80 and 120 are mechanically actuated with adjustment-free cone clutches.

When correctly matched to engine and propeller, every PRM unit will provide trouble-free operation for many years.

All parts are designed for maximum reliability over an extended service life

In addition, running gear components are carefully specified and machined to the highest quality standards to ensure quiet and smooth operation.

Installation Flexibility

Purpose-designed for marine use, all standard version PRM gearboxes have output shafts vertically offset from the crankshaft centreline. However, to cater for the installation demands of the widest range of hulls, both the PRM260 and PRM750 are available with  an in-line configuration, while down angle options are offered on the PRM750 (8°) and PRM1000 (10°), excluding 4:1 ratio versions.

PRM80, PRM120 and PRM150 units are suitable for use with left-hand (anti-clockwise) rotating engines only. In standard form, all other PRM gearboxes are built for use with left-hand rotating engines, but can be converted simply to accommodate right-hand (clockwise) rotation engines by turning the oil pump through 180°.

A wide range of mounting adapters is available to enable PRM gearboxes to be fitted to most popular engine models. An  engine/gearbox matching chart is available on request.

Easy Operation

Hydraulically operated, adjustment-free multi-disc clutches ensure rapid response to operation of the control lever for good boat handling and manoeuvrability. All models are designed for use with proprietary single lever remote control operation systems.

Operational Convenience

Gear ratios and performance for all models except  PRM80 & PRM120 are identical in both left and right hand propeller configuration, making PRM units ideal choice for twin engine  installations. Propellers can be trailed indefinitely - for example, when sailing, under tow, or in multi-engine installations where one or more engines is shut down.

All PRM gearbox units are designed for operation with normal engine specification   lubricant  - eliminating the need for special purpose automatic transmission fluid.


Built for reliability and durability, PRM hydraulic gearboxes are equipped with a "get you home" mechanical lock-up device. This additional safety feature maintains the operating clutches in engagement  so that the vessel can be brought safely back to port in the unlikely event of hydraulic failure.

A safety start switch is also available as an option on all hydraulic models. This prevents the engine from being started unless the gearbox is in neutral - eliminating the risk of inadvertent damage due to uncontrolled boat movement on start-up.

Product Support

A world-wide network of distributors and authorised agents provides comprehensive after-sales support for all PRM marine gearboxes users, including servicing facilities and replacement parts availability. Copies of our current UK and overseas distributor lists are available on request.


All PRM marine gearboxes allow easy access to major components. In addition, service items such as oil pumps and hydraulic control valves are conveniently mounted externally.

Gearboxes feature a split gearcase configuration  to simplify major overhaul operations.

Routine maintenance is limited to verifying operating temperatures and pressures, checking oil levels and the occasional inspection of seals for leaks.

Optional Equipment

A range of clutched and direct drive power take-offs is available with SAE housings to power on board equipment such as pumps and winches.

The Newage trolling valve is also available as optional equipment on PRM260, 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 models, enabling propeller speeds to be varied from 1200 rev/min down to zero. This electronically-operated unit is fully inter-changeable with the standard control value and can be retrofitted in service.

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